"Our leaders must remember that education doesn't begin with some isolated bureaucrat in Washington. It doesn't even begin with state or local officials. Education begins in the home, where it is a parental right and responsibility." - Ronald Reagan

I firmly believe our children have a right to a solid educational foundation.

Liberal politicians have failed America’s children and schools, and North Carolina parents deserve accountability and choice in education.

Instead of focusing on basics like math, science, English, and American history, progressives have imposed a destructive Critical Race Theory curriculum that deliberately chips away at moral values, attempt to rewrite history, and indoctrinates current students with destructive and toxic messaging meant to further divide our Nation.

I will fight the teachers’ unions and liberal politicians, work to return control of our children’s education to parents and local school districts, who are best equipped to make learning decisions for our children. I also believe that skills training is an important component for our youth’s education in high schools, to prepare a workforce that can create more local jobs and American-made products.

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