Christine Villaverde Receives Key Endorsement in Congressional Race

Fuquay Varina- Republican conservative Christine Villaverde, who is running in the new 4th Congressional District received the endorsement of General Michael Flynn. 

Flynn is a former National Security Advisor and a close confidante of President Trump.  In endorsing Villaverde Flynn said, “I wholeheartedly and strongly endorse Christine Villaverde to represent North Carolina’s 4th Congressional District because I know she will fight with determination and resolve to propel this nation to greatness again.”

Flynn also noted, ”Christine is the only former police officer running for Congress in NC-4.  With her ‘boots on the ground’ experience, Christine is uniquely qualified to know how we can be both tough on crime and still support the police officers that serve and protect.”

Christine Villaverde is a wife and mother of three boys, including 5 year-old twins and is former police officer.  She was raised in a military family as both her father and grandfather retired from the Air Force, as well as being an Army wife for 16 years.   She is running to fight for safety and security in our communities and around the world, to secure the border, stand up to Russia and China, protect our economy, lower taxes, fight for our children’s right to a quality education free from radical indoctrination, and to fight for the heart and soul of America.

Upon receiving General Flynn’s endorsement Villaverde said, “I am grateful for General Flynn’s endorsement.  He and I agree on the problems America is facing and know we must fight to protect the country’s interest from the progressive left who want to destroy America’s principles.”

Based on a platform of conservative principles and values, Villaverde is focused on protecting Americans and putting America first. Villaverde explains her decision to run for office, noting that “America’s financial and physical security, from our taxes to our borders, must be strengthened. The liberals and progressives in Washington, D.C., have failed us, coddling criminals, running scared from the Taliban, and implementing socialist policies that opens the door wide for government to intrude into every aspect of our lives, from our health to our paychecks.”

She and her family live in Fuquay Varina in Harnett County. She is a graduate of Fayetteville State University and earned her Master’s from Liberty University.  More information about her campaign platform can be found at

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